Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Managers Ought to Be Powerful Decision Makers

As a manager, you will often land in a situation where all eyes are on you, waiting for the decision you will make based on your technical knowledge and expertise. At times, though, you do not have enough information to help you analyse the situation and make decisions. You may often rely on your gut feeling because you find it safer. The right thing to do at this time, however, is to go out and gather more information before making a decision because facts are always more powerful than intuition.

Bigger decisions involve higher stakes and may have a big impact on your organization. For most managers, these decisions are the toughest to make. However, delaying decision-making is not going to help your case; delayed decisions can prove more harmful than making the wrong decisions.

When you study a difficult problem in order to make a decision, you may find that you don’t have many options or that the only options you do have are not attractive. In such cases, you must learn to go ahead with a less-than-favorable option. Nobody expects you to know it all in business, and so, it is okay to get a second opinion on your decisions from experts around you.

Tips for Making Powerful Decisions as a Business Manager:

  • As a manager, you are responsible for the decisions you make regarding the business. Give careful thought to important decisions and gather as much information as you can to help you make effective decisions.

  • You will need to make decisions day in and day out as a business manager. However, give adequate time and effort to each decision-making process. Don’t try to deal with making multiple decisions at one time.

  • When your decision making is going to impact other teams or people, it is best to consider their opinions and gauge their needs. This will help you make effective decisions that will address those needs.

  • Be confident in your decisions. Do not go back on the decisions you make unless they are causing a loss to the business. Going back and forth on your decisions makes you look like a poor or inefficient decision maker. People will find it difficult to trust your decisions and put their faith in them.

  • Before announcing a decision, visualize the outcome of it. Think about how it will affect your business and the possible shortcomings it may have. Only after thinking it through extensively should you declare it publicly.

  • Do not stray from the objective of the decision at hand. Often, managers tend to lose direction when they have too much information to consider. Remain focused and consider all the alternatives and risks of your decision before finalizing it.
Effective decision-making skills are crucial for managers as their decisions have the power to take an entire organization in a given direction. Gather all the information you think you will need to make an effective decision. Analyze the facts and think about the potential strengths and weaknesses of your decision. And above all, keep faith in your decision-making skills.

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